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Student Debt & Income Signalment Form

Signalment Form Introduction

Welcome to the Student Debt & Income Signalment Form!

This secure form is used to help with the student loan "physical exam" and recommended "treatment options" for repayment using the tools and resources available through the VIN Foundation Student Debt Center.  The form should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

All personal data will be kept confidential and only a summary or anonymized data will be shared or presented for educational purposes. 

*You also have the option to have a summary of your signalment form submission posted anonymously in the VIN or VIN Foundation Student Debt message board area for personalized student debt help.  Please choose the "Create an anonymous post" option at the end of this form to initiate your student loan physical exam.*

In order to do a thorough physical exam of your student loans, you will be asked to log into the Federal Student Aid website to download your student aid data as a TXT file. This file contains your complete borrowing history of Direct, Perkins, and Federal Family Education Loans. It's best to do that before completing your signalment form. 

Log into and download your federal student aid data file.  You have the option to attach your file during the form submission.  Here is a video tutorial on how to locate and download your student aid data file.

NOTE: If you are using a mobile device (iPhone or Android) to navigate, you might NOT be able to download the TXT file, or upload it.  You can complete the survey without uploading the file. If you do so, please upload your file to the VIN Foundation My Student Loans tool OR email it to

If you have any trouble with the submission or have any questions about the form, please email